Your Most Common Orthodontic Questions Answered

orthodontics Garland TXHaving straight teeth is something everyone wants; however, in many cases we need a little help to achieve this goal. This usually means wearing braces to correct a malocclusion. But having straight teeth is more important than just a great smile. Decay prevention coupled with healthier gum tissue are two more reasons why orthodontics should be a priority for anyone dealing with a malocclusion.

Common Queries About Wearing Braces 

  • At what age should patients begin wearing braces? There is not a one size fits all answer for this one. However, it is advised that children consult with their orthodontist at around the age of seven. Although treatment may not begin that early, this is a perfect opportunity for laying the groundwork for what to anticipate as the child grows.
  • How long would braces need to be worn? This is based on the severity of the malocclusion. A malocclusion occurs when the top row of teeth do not align correctly with their corresponding bottom teeth. For milder cases, braces may only be required for months; the more difficult the problem, the longer the need to wear braces for a solution.
  • What kind of foods must be eliminated while wearing braces? This depends on the type of braces the patient elects to wear. Standard metal bands and brackets will mean more changes than teeth straightening methods where aligners are worn. With aligners, no food changes are required as aligners are removed before snacks and meals. With metal braces, foods that are sticky, hard, or crunchy are much more difficult to manage. It is imperative that the wires woven between teeth not bend or break. If this should occur, a visit to have repairs made is required.
  • Will I still need to get my teeth cleaned while wearing braces? Yes, in fact it is very important that you do not skip your twice yearly teeth cleaning and dental exam appointments. Even though you will be seeing your orthodontist more often, this does not preclude the need to see your family dentist.

Children, Teens, and Adults of all Ages are Great Candidates for Teeth Straightening

A primary requirement for patients seeking that great smile is healthy teeth and gums. Braces are not appropriate for patients suffering from severe decay or periodontal disease until those conditions are brought under control.For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact our team at Fleming Orthodontics today.

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Dr. Patty Fleming