What to Expect from An Orthodontic Consultation

Straight teeth and a great functional bite mean much more than a brilliant smile. Misalignment of teeth can cause crossbites, over and under-bites, and jaw disorders. Over time these problems cause worsening pain and discomfort and make eating and speaking difficult. Orthodontics can resolve these issues, though the earlier you see a specialist dentist, the better. Here’s what to expect from an orthodontic consultation.

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Your family dentist may refer you to an orthodontist, or you may decide to set up an appointment yourself. On your first visit, every tooth and its alignment should be scrutinized. The aim is to identify the best corrective treatment for any disorders.

Attention will be paid to your bite, with an overbite, underbite, or crossbite. In addition, you’ll be asked about difficulties in biting and chewing food and whether you hear clicking noises in your jaw when eating.

X-rays will be necessary to see the overall structure of your teeth and bite and determine the causes of why teeth need straightening. Molds of your dental structure may be made at this time or scheduled later.

Agreeing Upon Treatment

When your orthodontist has all the data on your teeth, it’s time for a treatment plan. While care options will be put forward, these are up for discussion. You shouldn’t hesitate to probe every little detail about each care option to make an informed decision.

So, for example, while standard braces may straighten your teeth reasonably quickly, you may opt for Invisalign aligners instead. While Invisalign is usually a slower method for straightening, they are more convenient and comfortable. This may matter more to you than a quicker result.

Ongoing Appointments

When the treatment plan is agreed upon, your orthodontist professional will order braces or aligners and confirm a date for the next orthodontic consultation. If you’re getting standard braces, they can take up to two hours to be fitted. Invisalign appointments are shorter but can take up to an hour. After your braces or aligners are fitted, regular appointments are scheduled to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Are You Ready for Better Teeth?

If it’s time for you to fix bite problems or straighten up your smile, Fleming Orthodontics offers the best in professional expert care. Get in touch to discuss treatment options and begin restoring your bite and smile.

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