Using Invisalign To Change Your Smile

girl with Invisalign alignerDoes your smile feel less than attractive due to the way your teeth are spaced? Problems with poor alignment can be embarrassing, but many people are also made uncomfortable at the thought of using braces to fix this issue. What you can find is that a discreet alternative can give you the changes that you hope to show off. Our Richardson, TX orthodontic treatment office has helped many people take on problems with their dental alignment. By offering help with Invisalign aligners, we can make your procedure easier to fit into your life, as your appliances will be difficult to see and easy for you to remove on your own!

Is A Discreet Solution For Poor Teeth Spacing Available To Me?

What can you do if you want to improve your smile but feel uneasy about doing so with conspicuous metal braces? Traditional metal braces help many people, but they are not the only option available to you. Another is Invisalign treatment, which depends on appliances that are clear and easy to remove. An adjustment with Invisalign relies on a set of aligners that gradually move teeth into their appropriate positions over time. All of the aligners that you receive will be both difficult to see and easy to remove, making it easy for you to enjoy your daily life as you make corrections to your smile.

Relying On Clear Aligners Instead Of Traditional Braces

Whereas traditional metal braces depend on a set of brackets and wires that are fixed in place, Invisalign uses removable appliances that fit over your teeth. A set of these aligners will be given to you. After wearing one for a select length of time, you will move to the next, continuing to go from one to another as you gradually move teeth into desired positions. Because all of these are both clear and easy to remove, you can find that starting treatment is less stressful, as you will not have to worry about how doing so impacts your daily life.

Straightening Your Teeth Can Improve Your Oral Health

Better smile alignment can give you more confidence in the way you look. After fixing gaps, overlaps, and other spacing issues that currently make you embarrassed about your appearance, you can enjoy a more symmetrical and confident appearance. What you also gain are oral health improvements. Poor alignment can create problems with your bite function, which can wear down your enamel prematurely and also put more pressure on your jaw. Better spacing also helps if you have teeth that overlap, because you can more effectively clean portions of teeth that are currently difficult to reach.

Talk To Your Richardson, TX Orthodontist About Invisalign Treatment!

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Dr. Patty Fleming