Types of Braces

Since no two smiles are identical, we don’t think that orthodontic treatments should be identical, either. We offer multiple varieties of braces to ensure that you receive the results and the experience that you desire.

Traditional metal braces

The most common form of braces and far more comfortable than braces of the past. We use only high-grade stainless steel, to straighten your teeth with brackets and archwires. For a more colorful and unique experience, we also offer colored elastic rubber bands upon request.


Ceramic braces

When we use ceramic appliances, the braces are less visible in your smile as compared to metal braces. Many older teens and adults with cosmetic concerns are interested in this option. Ceramic appliances do require more diligent oral hygiene, are larger, and more prone to damage than metal appliances. For cosmetic reasons, we typically place ceramic braces on the upper front teeth only.


Clear aligners

Acrylic trays that are clear, comfortable, and removable can straighten your teeth just like braces. In addition to their cosmetic appeal, these aligners also grant you the freedom to eat and drink without worry, brush and floss without hassle, and smile confidently in public. Aligners such as Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen® are metal-free and worry-free.


We’re happy to discuss braces and orthodontic appliances with you at any time. Just contact our office for more information today.

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