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I would highly recommend Dr. Fleming!! After my daughter spent 2 1/2 years in Invisalign recommended by our family dentist and it not working at all, we were referred to Dr. Fleming for a consult. Her entire staff is absolutely amazing and Dr. Fleming made a terrible situation for my daughter into a very happy outcome. I wish I would have known of her to begin with. Please go to her for a consultation before choosing just any orthodontist. You won’t regret it!!

-Christi E; Rowlett, TX

We have had such an amazing experience with Dr. Fleming and her sweet team.  My daughter and my son have both been and are currently being treated by Dr. Fleming and have been very pleased.  My daughter has a very complicated case and Dr. Fleming has gone above and beyond to figure out the best treatment for her.  I would absolutely recommend Dr. Fleming and her team to anyone considering orthodontic work.

-Jerry R;  Richardson, TX

After a lifetime of being unhappy with my smile, I asked my general dentist if he would consider treating me with Invisalign.  I was told that my case was “too advanced” for his expertise and he referred me to the office of Dr. Fleming.  There was never a question with Dr. Fleming that my case could be treated and even provided me with a video that revealed what my smile would look like at the end of treatment.  The result of my journey with Invisalign was shocking and actually better than what was even revealed on the original video.  From the first visit, my family fell in love with the staff and it is a testament to Dr. Fleming that we choose to drive over 45 minutes for treatment for my 13 year old daughter who is now in conventional braces.

On your first visit to Dr. Fleming you will find a recently updated office with the latest in technology, iPads in the waiting area, and a Keurig coffee bar!  Beyond these additions you will find an office staff that makes you feel as if you are the ONLY patient they are seeing that day! My son who is 10 can’t wait to begin his treatment because he sees just how special his older sister feels when she walks into the office of Dr. Fleming.  Dr. Fleming makes me smile!  She makes me smile because she made my smile!  I love to smile because she gave me confidence in my smile, something I wish I would have had much earlier in life!

-Mike H; Forney, TX

My children and I are both orthodontic patients of Dr. Fleming. Dr. Fleming and her entire team strive to meet all our expectations above and beyond to accomplish one simple goal: a beautiful healthy smile. Dr. Fleming is so detailed and energetic about  her work that she only expects the pefect outcome.  I can truly tell everyone how I feel about my experience and continue to refer all of my friends and family to one of the best orthodontists in the DFW area.

-Sheri G; Rockwall, TX

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