Smile Improvements Made With Invisalign

man with clear alignersWhen poor teeth spacing stands between you and your ideal smile, you may be reluctant to look at treatment because you worry braces will feel intrusive. Traditional orthodontic care with metal braces can be distracting, and it can feel awkward to have your appliance in place at all times. However, by looking into your treatment options, you can find that you have more to choose from than this one approach. Our Richardson, TX dental office can provide treatment with Invisalign aligners. A set of clear, removable aligners will allow you to gradually move teeth that are not in the appropriate positions without unwanted attention. This approach also lets you maintain your normal routine, as Invisalign can be removed when you eat or clean your teeth.

Are You Tired Of Letting Poor Teeth Spacing Affect Your Confidence?

When your smile reveals gaps or overlaps between teeth, it can be tough to have full confidence in the way you look. While orthodontic work often corrects these problems earlier in people’s lives, not everyone undergoes an adjustment. For some, teeth can actually shift later in life, creating embarrassment over spacing flaws. What you can find by looking into treatment is that the path to a more attractive smile may be easier than you anticipate. With Invisalign aligners, we can carefully move teeth into better alignment with a set of appliances that are hard to see and easy to remove!

Planning Cosmetic Treatment With Invisalign

Your Invisalign aligners will be made to fit your teeth securely and guide them in the appropriate ways. To ensure that you have the right fit and the right results, we rely on  digital 3D models of your teeth and oral structures to plan out every step of your care. In addition to telling us what shapes and sizes are needed for your aligners, the models allow us to determine how the movement of your teeth should proceed. Once they are ready, you will start wearing aligners in two week intervals, with each one representing a step on your journey to a better smile!

Using Ceramic Braces To Discreetly Move Teeth

Not everyone who wants to straighten their teeth will qualify for Invisalign. However, this does not mean you have to rely on braces that stand out when you smile and speak! Through the use of ceramic brackets, our practice can provide a treatment approach that makes cosmetic and oral health improvements for those who have more significant spacing issues while still minimizing the impact of care on how you look.

Talk To Your Richardson, TX Orthodontist About Invisalign Treatment!

With Invisalign aligners, our practice provides a discreet solution for problems with teeth spacing! If you would like to find out more about this or any other service we offer, please call our Richardson, TX dental office at (972) 530-6703.

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Dr. Patty Fleming