Plaque Control and Orthodontic Treatment

orthodontics braces Garland TXPlaque starts out as a sticky substance that eventually hardens on the surfaces of teeth clinging to bacteria already living in our mouth; whenever we eat or drink, we are giving plaque another opportunity to grow. For the patient wearing braces, the danger of plaque formation increases because of the many areas so difficult to reach around bands and/or brackets.

Plaque is more than just a nuisance … the acids from plaque can eat away at the protective enamel on teeth leading to decay and the potential for gum disease. Keeping plaque under control is important for everyone, just a little more difficult for someone wearing braces.

Before orthodontic treatment gets underway, your dentist will likely recommend having your teeth cleaned to remove any plaque already present on teeth. You may be wearing braces for many months, possibly even years. Pay close attention to the instructions given by your orthodontist on how to keep your teeth as clean as possible once your braces have been placed. 

Your daily hygiene regimen might need to be tweaked; allow more time for brushing and flossing. Flossing may seem more cumbersome, but is important to maintaining your dental health. You are wearing braces to straighten your teeth enhancing your appearance and improving your dental health; you want those newly straightened teeth to be free from decay when your braces come off.

Every time you eat or drink, it is a good idea to rinse thoroughly. In the absence of being able to brush, rinsing may help flush away debris that might be caught on braces. 

You will be visiting your orthodontist periodically throughout treatment, but it is important to remember that these visits are to monitor your teeth straightening program only. You still need to see your family dentist for teeth cleaning and a dental exam as often as recommended by your dental provider.

Once your teeth straightening program is concluded and braces are removed, a thorough cleaning is encouraged. Your family dentist has worked as hard as you have to keep your teeth as clean as possible while wearing braces; but there may be some residual plaque that needs to be removed as soon as possible.

A beautiful smile and healthier teeth can be achieved by wearing braces; do everything you can to sustain good dental health before, during, and after orthodontics.  

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Dr. Patty Fleming