Orthodontic Treatment: What is the purpose of the rubber bands?

orthodontist Garland TXHaving straight teeth is everyone’s wish; but very few of us achieve this goal naturally. Wearing braces is very common; and everyone’s treatment plan is a little different. Your orthodontist will explain exactly what will be needed to correct your malocclusion; how long braces will need to be worn; your financial investment; and what you will need to do to make your teeth straightening program a success.

One of the variables involved with many orthodontic programs is wearing rubber bands. There are different kinds of elastic bands with major distinctions:

Ligatures – These are the little bands that are wrapped around each bracket to secure the arch wire. The arch wire is what your orthodontist tightens that keeps the teeth straightening process moving. Whenever the wires are adjusted, these bands are changed. And they come in a variety of colors that seems to make wearing braces more bearable for youngsters.

Interarch rubber bands – These little rubber bands often are used to connect the top and bottom teeth. Their purpose is to adjust the bite so the occlusion will be correct aligning the top teeth to the corresponding bottom teeth. They are often removed for eating snacks and meals; also during daily oral maintenance of brushing and flossing.

A supply of interarch rubber bands will be provided as they will need to be replaced several times daily (when a band is removed it should be discarded and replaced with a new one). These little bands sustain a lot of wear. They are necessary for many, but not all, orthodontic treatment plans.

Interarch rubber bands are attached to little hooks on strategically placed top and bottom bracketed teeth. The extra pressure from these elastics will help speed up the straightening process. When added to any treatment plan, the patient might experience discomfort initially from the extra pressure applied. But it is critical to wear them as directed … don’t double up on bands in the belief that you will straighten teeth quicker. This can damage dentition.

As with ligatures, interarch rubber bands come in a variety of colors. Just make sure you always have a supply on hand to replace one if broken.

At the conclusion of orthodontic treatment, your journey will end with a beautiful smile. And straight teeth usually mean healthier teeth making your orthodontic program an excellent investment.

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