Learn What To Expect From Your Braces

woman with braces orthodontics conceptYou may know what you want from orthodontic treatment, but do you know what approaches to care are available to you? At our Richardson, TX orthodontic practice, we can actually recommend different solutions for problems with uneven smiles. Traditional braces and braces with brackets made with tooth-colored ceramic are both available. You can also learn about the option to wear clear aligners to make desired changes. We can help you understand which approach might be right based on what you need from care and from your concerns about your daily experience with your appliance.

You Have More Options For Orthodontic Treatment Than You Might Expect

Because more than one approach to orthodontic work is available, you can enjoy an experience with care that addresses your concerns. For example, we can provide cosmetically pleasing solutions that have less impact on how you look during your adjustment. This can be welcome news for image-conscious teens as well as adults who are sensitive to the way braces can interfere with their professional appearance. For people who have more significant problems with malocclusion, the option to use tooth-colored brackets can help make care discreet even when it requires more work than clear aligners can reliably provide.

Using Traditional Or Tooth-Colored Brackets To Straighten Your Smile

Both traditional metal braces and braces that feature tooth-colored brackets are available for your treatment. These rely on wires connected to the brackets that guide teeth into their appropriate positions. Because there is the option to have ceramic brackets placed, we can make movements in this way while still making your adjustment more discreet than traditional appliances allow for.

We Can Talk To You About Treatment With Clear Aligners

Many people who want to straighten their teeth do qualify for work with clear aligners. If you are one of these people, we are happy to explain what the process will be and what to expect in the course of your day. Careful measurements are made to make sure that you have appliances that are the right shape and size, and to confirm that your work will proceed appropriately. Invisalign aligners and Invisalign Teen are both provided at our office, which means we can help adults as well as younger people who want to discreetly adjust teeth.

Learn More About Orthodontic Care Offered At Fleming Orthodontics In Richardson, TX

Fleming Orthodontics is ready to help you correct problems with your smile that are linked to poor spacing between teeth. Whether you choose to undergo corrective work with clear aligners or are a better candidate for bracket-and-wire braces, we can help you understand what to expect during and after your adjustment. For more information, reach out to Fleming Orthodontics in Richardson, TX today at (972) 530-6703.

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Dr. Patty Fleming