Keep Your Alignment Treatment To Yourself

Invisalign Richardson TXIf you experience alignment concerns, you understand how this condition can impact your life on a daily basis. Every first impression you have is affected by your appearance, and you might feel less confident in being yourself in your social and professional lives. For some, however, the concept of traditional braces might be enough of an impediment to seeking treatment.

At Fleming Orthodontics in Richardson, TX, we are here to guide you to a positive smile solution that gives you the power to continue your daily life without anyone else noticing your treatment. There is a helpful method of orthodontic improvement that is available to you through Invisalign® clear aligners, which are custom BPA-free acrylic trays that gently shift the location of your teeth alongside your oral ridge. As you reach closer to your goal, you will change these trays out for new ones that help you to continue to improve your appearance. Discover the advantages of clear aligner therapy for your misalignment and malocclusion!

A Nearly Invisible Method Of Orthodontic Improvement Is Possible

The cosmetic improvement of your misalignment is something with which many people struggle, yet sometimes traditional orthodontic methods of improvement can seem too burdensome. If you are a young adult, you might not want to seem childish, and braces might not suit your needs. Instead of allowing your concern to continue, speak with a trusted provider about your options, so that you know your possibilities in improvement.

Clear aligner treatment from Invisalign® helps you to reach a more attractive smile appearance without having to show the world the process. Continue with your daily life, keeping your improvement to yourself the entire time. These slim BPA-free acrylic devices are nearly invisible, so you can feel comfortable knowing that others are not focusing on your teeth when you speak or smile.

How Invisalign® Helps You To Look And Feel Better

The improvement of your alignment is something that can bring drastic cosmetic benefits, and it can also help you to more thoroughly clean your smile during your routine brushing and flossing. When your teeth crowd and overlap, there may be areas in which you cannot fit your toothbrush; in these locations, plaque and tartar can build up. Even with an intense dedication to your oral health, you might not have the tools to remove bacterial accumulation. Invisalign® helps you to comprehensively improve your smile, so that you can have a balanced bite.

Improve Your Smile Without The Fanfare In Richardson, TX

If you have any questions about the ways that Invisalign® can help you to smile with more confidence, reach out to our team in Richardson, TX. Call Dr. Fleming, DDS, MS at (972)530-6703 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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