ITero® Digital Impression System


Dental impressions are an important part of your orthodontic case, but the process has traditionally been messy and uncomfortable. That’s why we are proud to offer a modern, digital approach for capturing impressions of your teeth. With the iTero scanner, we can capture highly accurate impressions of your teeth and jaw while eliminating the bulky trays and gooey materials of the past.

While providing a more comfortable and more accurate patient experience, digital impressions bring your teeth to life in 3D, enhancing communication and treatment planning. You’ll be able to fully understand the recommended treatment and we’ll be able to explain your treatment plan in greater detail.


Advanced Optical Technology

Advanced optical technology enables us to capture the dimensions of the teeth and gums with a hand-held scanner. Without the need for radiation, the scanner can capture the details of your mouth and renders an accurate 3D model which can immediately be viewed on the computer screen. This imaging technology is applicable to any orthodontic procedure – even Invisalign®.

Comfort, Accuracy, and Precision

When you place the health of your smile in our hands, we have a responsibility to provide you with the best and most successful treatment possible. While we are driven to perform at peak levels, we are also sensitive to your personal needs and comfort. With the ITero® Digital Impression System, we can ensure that the ideal treatment is rendered with accuracy and precision while also protecting your comfort. There is no gagging, no bad taste, and no goopy mess to clean from your face at the end of your appointment.

Once the digital image has been captured, we can then review and critique the acquired image in real time to confirm that the image meets our high standards. This means that you won’t have to be left sitting with impression material in your mouth, and you can even take a break between pictures if you need to.

It’s a Team Effort

We frequently need to communicate with other dental professionals throughout the course of your treatment. Digital impressions and images enable us to instantly share clinical information with your family dentist as well as the dental labs with whom we partner without waiting for the mailman. We’re all working as a team on your behalf, and digital technology makes the entire process more efficient.

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