Invisalign: Everything You Need to Know

Clear aligners are a great alternative option to getting braces if you want a straighter smile. They can provide the necessary adjustments without having to actually commit to braces.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Invisalign, a clear aligner system that is a great option for correcting and straightening your teeth.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a brand of clear teeth aligners that are transparent and are made specifically to fit your teeth. They are an alternative to braces, giving you a much less noticeable (and more comfortable) teeth-straightening option.

Invisalign typically takes 12 to 18 months to correct your teeth, which is also much faster than braces. 

Who needs Invisalign?

Invisalign is perfect for most people looking to correct their teeth to get a straighter smile. These are the perfect alternative to braces as they are less noticeable and are usually a more convenient fit for your lifestyle.

The aligners are removable, so you don’t have to worry about committing to having something attached to your teeth. Invisalign is also perfect for adults who don’t want to get braces.

Key Facts About Invisalign.

Before you make the decision to get Invisalign, you will want to be aware of a few things. A few important facts stand out:

You Wear Them (Almost) Constantly

Invisalign is a teeth-correction method that needs to be worn consistently for an average of 22 hours a day.

You will need to wear these constantly, only taking them out to clean your teeth or to eat. This is a big commitment, so you will need to be prepared to maintain consistency.

You Cannot Eat or Drink With Them

One important fact about Invisalign is that you cannot eat or drink with them in your mouth. You can drink cold water, but other than that, nothing should go in your mouth.

Hot foods or drinks can distort their shape, and chewing with them can affect their quality quickly.

Some Adjustments May Need to be Made

If your teeth are very crooked or one of them is slightly too big, your dentist may need to file it down. This is painless, though it can come as a shock to some patients.

Invisalign is generally made to fit your teeth, but some adjustments may need to be made for a better fit. Your dentist should discuss this with you beforehand.


If you are thinking of getting Invisalign, make sure you take the above facts into consideration. Invisalign aligners are a great alternative option to braces if you want a straighter smile.

If you have any other concerns or questions, your dentist should be able to help.

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Dr. Patty Fleming