Enjoy Discreet Orthodontic Treatment with Clear Braces

clear braces Garland TXOrthodontic treatment doesn’t have to be unsightly or conspicuous. Patients have a few options for achieving the straight smile of their dreams discreetly. Our orthodontist offers clear braces such as Invisalign as well as conventional braces made of tooth-colored ceramic.

Following is some helpful information on ceramic and clear braces.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces use fixed appliances to correct orthodontic problems. Instead of noticeable plastic and metal, however, ceramic braces use tooth-colored brackets. These brackets blend in seamlessly with natural tooth structure for very discreet treatment. Like metal and wire braces, ceramic braces can correct a host of orthodontic issues including gapped, crooked, and overlapped teeth as well as occlusal problems such as overbites and open bites.

Invisalign Clear Braces

Invisalign is quite different from other orthodontic treatment options. Instead of using fixed appliances, Invisalign treatments consists of wearing removal appliances called “aligners”. Made from plastic, these clear braces correct the positions of teeth over time. Invisalign can correct positioning issues like gapped and crooked teeth, and improve a person’s bite.

Patients will switch to a new, custom set of aligners every two weeks. Aligners become tighter as treatment progresses to generate the consistent force needed to move teeth to better positions. Many patients enjoy Invisalign treatment over conventional braces because it is very inconspicuous and because aligners are removable. This means that aligners are taken out for meals and oral hygiene, a very convenient advantage associated with this unique orthodontic system.

Choosing the Right Orthodontic Treatment for Your Needs

Today’s orthodontic patient has abundant options, which can help them receive the care they need and the results they want. If you’re interested in ceramic or clear braces, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our orthodontist. This initial appointment will involve speaking to our team about your smile goals, inquiring about your oral health history and lifestyle, and receiving a physical examination. Initial consultations allow our team to develop the right treatment plan that suits your unique needs and objectives.

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