Emergency Care From Your Orthodontist

girl with braces painYou may not think of your orthodontic office as a place to turn to during an emergency. While you are not likely to have an urgent problem that relates to your corrective work, uncomfortable problems can arise, and they benefit from a prompt response. This is why our Richardson, TX orthodontic treatment office wants patients to know that they can come to us on short notice when something is wrong! Responding to problems with discomfort or a damaged appliance can mean spending less time in discomfort. It also helps you avoid a potential delay in your adjustment.

Discomfort Can Be A Warning That Something Is Wrong With Your Appliance

Some signs that you need an emergency visit to your orthodontist can be tough to ignore. For example, it is difficult to miss that a bracket has broken or come loose. It can also be tough to ignore when a wire has come loose and started to poke at the inside of your mouth. With that said, you should also give discomfort without an obvious cause your attention. When soreness persists past the start of your adjustment, or if new feelings of pain arise that do not go away, we can help! We can also recommend temporary forms of relief to help with any discomfort that you feel as you become used to your braces.

We Can Help Patients Enjoy Care On Short Notice

Whether the problem is obvious or uncertain, let us know if you believe something is wrong with your braces. Whether the issue is with a bracket, wire, or headgear that you wear, we can identify the trouble during your visit and provide care as needed. We can also offer guidance to help you avoid new difficulties in the course of your treatment.

Maintaining Your Comfort Throughout Your Adjustment

By practicing good habits and being careful with your braces, you can limit your risk for problems that cause discomfort and threaten to delay your care. If you find yourself in discomfort while adjusting to your braces, there are short-term solutions that can help. Many patients benefit from over the counter medications that treat headaches and common physical aches and pains. To soothe your gums, rinse your mouth with warm saltwater. If you find that your braces irritate the soft tissues in your mouth, we can show you how to safely apply wax and reduce the frequency of this problem.

Talk To Your Richardson, TX Orthodontist About Your Access To Emergency Care

While patients typically complete orthodontic work without any emergencies, it is important to know that urgent support is available should you need it. Our office is ready to support you if something seems to be wrong with your appliance and treatment. For more information, call our Richardson, TX orthodontic practice at (972) 530-6703.

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Dr. Patty Fleming