Clear Braces: Invisible, Removable, Comfortable

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Clear braces, such as the Invisalign system, are tremendously popular among patients because they straighten your smile without hiding it behind clunky metal appliances for the better part of two years. Invisalign straightens the teeth by applying forces to them via a series of progressive, removable trays made of clear plastic.

Your orthodontist will use the same principles that are the foundation of conventional braces in order to move your teeth and design the Invisalign treatment plan to achieve this goal. The patient is then responsible for switching the trays according to the designated schedule, usually every other week or so. The patient must also wear the Invisalign tray for the recommended period of time (20-22 hours) each day.

As a reward for following these rules, Invisalign patients gain a number of benefits over those who choose traditional appliances. Of course, the aesthetic benefits are obvious. You can see your results in real time rather than counting down the months until the brackets and wires are removed from your teeth.

Invisalign is more convenient in many ways, as well. Since the patient is taking on the responsibility of making the “adjustments” by switching trays every couple of weeks, there are fewer trips to the orthodontist. You’ll only come into the office periodically so that the orthodontist can monitor your progress and make sure that everything is going as anticipated.

Additionally, the trays can be removed at mealtime and for oral hygiene purposes. You don’t have to eliminate favorite foods from your diet (although you should limit your sweet treats) or wrangle your toothbrush and floss around the appliances.

Invisalign trays are comfortable as well. With no sharp-edged brackets or wires that can break free and poke the mouth’s interior, you won’t experience a painful soft tissue injury during treatment.

Patients who want to straighten their teeth without being saddled with a “metal mouth” should consider Invisalign. Schedule a consultation at our office, Fleming Orthodontics in Garland, TX, to get more information about this treatment option and find out whether it will meet your needs.

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Dr. Patty Fleming