Can Surgical Orthodontics Fix My Smile?

woman shruggingThere are different degrees of poor teeth spacing and smile alignment that can impact a person’s appearance, health, and quality of life. In other words, there are some patients who need more from their orthodontist than a typical treatment approach. What can you expect if you have complications like poor jaw alignment, severe crowding, or other issues? Our Richardson, TX orthodontic treatment office is ready to help you through surgical orthodontics. Also known as orthognathic surgery, this type of treatment is performed in coordination with a trusted oral surgeon to fully correct the issues standing between you and a straightened smile.

Some Patients Need More Advanced Orthodontic Treatment Than Others

Your initial evaluation before treatment is an important part of your treatment journey. Some patients have issues with malocclusion because of poor jaw alignment that requires corrective work. At our office, we are prepared to help patients exhibiting this or other complications that might require orthognathic surgery. If we find that you need this kind of care, we will discuss your options for care, including options that include work with an oral surgeon.

What Surgical Orthodontics Can Offer You

Surgical orthodontics will lay out plans for your care that start with surgery to correct poor alignment in your jaw. A period of recovery will follow that surgical procedure. Once you have enjoyed the appropriate healing, you will return to our practice so that Dr. Fleming can provide braces that complete the work of straightening your teeth. A retainer customized for your use will help you preserve the changes made by your treatment.

We Help Patients Of All Ages Take On Their Alignment Issues

From early care in the form of two-phase orthodontics to services that are geared toward treating adult smiles, our practice is proud to help patients of all ages fix poor spacing issues. By going beyond the traditional treatment with braces, we are able to meet the needs of more patients and do more to address cosmetic, health, and quality of life concerns. Whether you need to do something about your own uneven smile or have a child ready to start orthodontics, our practice can provide a tailored treatment approach and exciting results!

Talk To Your Richardson, TX Dentist About Surgical Orthodontics

Surgical orthodontics, or orthognathic surgery, can help patients whose treatment needs are complicated by issues like poor jaw alignment. Having access to this kind of care can make care possible even when you need something that goes beyond traditional care with clear aligners or metal braces. We work with patients of all ages to make sure that our patients see exciting improvements. For more information about surgical orthodontics and its role in treating alignment issues, call Fleming Orthodontics in Richardson, TX at 972-530-6703.

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Dr. Patty Fleming