Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

early orthodontic treatment Garland TXEarly orthodontic treatment has a number of advantages for patients. In the past, most orthodontic treatment was completed in one phase with braces and other oral appliances during one’s teenage years. Today, however, an orthodontist may break treatment into two phases with one occurring during childhood. Early orthodontic treatment can prevent a number of alignment concerns, reduce treatment times with braces, and improve a patient’s bite.

Here’s some helpful information on how early orthodontic treatment might benefit your child.

Prevents Crowding and Overlapping

Sometimes, a child may have too narrow of a jaw. As their permanent teeth begin to erupt, they may become crowded and overlapped because their jaw cannot accommodate the space all their teeth need.

Early orthodontic treatment can take advantage of the fact that a child’s jaws are still developing. For example, a palate expander can be placed to widen the jaw, which will ultimately prevent emerging teeth from crowding.

Reduces Treatment Times in Many Cases

Breaking orthodontic treatment into two phases can sometimes reduce the time a patient needs to wear braces. This is because interceptive orthodontics can create more room for teeth to emerge in upright, straight positions. By anticipating certain orthodontic concerns and treating them ahead of time, braces can be worn for less time during the second phase of treatment.

Lowers the Risk for Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

Early orthodontics helps prevent spacing issues. When teeth are crowded, overlapped, and crooked, it is difficult to brush and floss them properly. Proper spacing makes oral hygiene easier and more effective. Improving the effectiveness of oral hygiene reduces the risks for developing tooth decay and periodontal disease in the future.

Corrects Improper Bites

A “bite” refers to how the upper and lower sets of teeth line up during oral function. If one has issues with the alignment of their jaws, it can accelerate tooth wear and affect one’s appearance. Correcting  bite issues early on improves oral function and protects teeth from tooth wear.

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