Are clear braces an option for adults?

Clear braces – particularly Invisalign – make a great treatment option for adults looking to straighten their smiles. Invisalign is an effective alternative to traditional metal and wire braces. Our orthodontist offers Invisalign because patients enjoy its discreet appearance, added convenience, and unparalleled comfort.

How Invisalign Works

clear braces Garland TXInvisalign is a type of clear braces. Instead of utilizing fixed orthodontia, Invisalign improves the positioning of teeth through translucent, plastic appliances called “aligners”. These aligners fit over teeth like a retainer. Similar to braces, aligners apply consistent pressure, which generates tooth movement over time.

Every two weeks, patients will switch to a new set of aligners. Each successive set is tighter than the one before. By the end of treatment, patients will see noticeable improvements in the positions of their teeth such as gaps closing and crooked teeth appearing upright. Invisalign can also improve a patient’s bite.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign treatment offers distinct advantages. The most noticeable benefit is that clear braces are much less conspicuous than metal and wire ones. This makes navigating one’s professional and personal life less distracting.

Other helpful advantages to choosing Invisalign include increased comfort and improved oral function. Aligners are smooth and therefore will not irritate the linings of lips and cheeks the way that conventional braces do. Invisalign is also removable. This makes eating meals and performing oral hygiene easy and efficient.

When compared to traditional orthodontia, Invisalign requires less visits to our orthodontist. Invisalign doesn’t require adjustments like metal and wire braces do. For busy professionals, making it to dental appointments can be difficult so having fewer appointments is appealing to many adults.

How to Find Out if Clear Braces Meet Your Needs

Determining if Invisalign meets your needs involves an orthodontic consultation. If you desire a straighter, healthier smile, we invite you to schedule a visit with our orthodontist. During your visit, we can help you select the treatment method that suits your unique circumstances.

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Dr. Patty Fleming