Are braces an option for adults?

Although many of us associate wearing braces with youth, an increasing number of adults choose to receive orthodontic treatment every year. Some of the most popular braces for adults include invisible braces, ceramic braces, and conventional metal and wire braces. Our orthodontist provides braces for adults and children to help improve the overall appearance and health of their smiles.

What are clear braces?

Clear braces like Invisalign are a popular option for adults. Made from clear plastic, these types of braces are lauded for their discreet appearance and increased comfort. Invisalign is especially popular among working professionals because of their inconspicuous appearance and the fact that this orthodontic treatment is removable for meals and oral hygiene.

Invisible braces can correct common orthodontic issues like gapped, crooked, overlapped, and crowded teeth.

Are ceramic braces a good option for adults?

Ceramic braces are another popular option for older patients. Unlike Invisalign, ceramic braces are fixed in place by brackets. Although this type of orthodontic treatment is not removable, it is more discreet than conventional metal braces because its orthodontic appliances are tooth-colored.

Wearing ceramic braces can improve typical tooth placement issues along with a patient’s bite.

Are metal braces worn by adults?

Yes, many adults choose conventional braces to treat orthodontic concerns. While these braces aren’t as inconspicuous as other options, they do provide well-rounded benefits such as improving the placement of teeth and the position of one’s bite.

Why should adults get orthodontic care?

Orthodontic care provides more benefits than just improving your smile. While having a straight smile is certainly advantageous, there are other health benefits that patients should consider, too. Those with properly positioned and spaced teeth tend to have lower incidences of tooth decay and gum disease. This is because it is easier to brush and floss straight teeth.

Wearing braces will also improve how and where your teeth make contact during oral function. This could reduce your risk for untimely tooth wear, which often requires dental restorations to repair.

If you have questions about braces for adults, call Fleming Orthodontics to schedule a consultation with our orthodontist.

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