Adult Braces: 3 Things to Consider

If you have to wear or are considering adult braces, there are a few things you should know. Wearing braces as an adult can be a bit challenging from the experience of wearing them as a child. Keep this in mind if your dentist recommends braces as a solution. You can also ask additional questions, pertaining to the process and your unique situation to be better prepared for when you do get your braces. Keep reading to explore three things you should know about getting braces as an adult.

1. Adult Braces Take LongerPhoto by SHVETS production:

If you are an adult exploring braces as an option, it is important to know that your treatment plan could take much longer to execute than it would if you were young. Adult dental procedures may take longer because mature teeth often require more time to align than adolescent adult teeth. In short, expect to wear your braces longer.

Because adult teeth can be more stubborn, they could take longer to shift into a straight position. The braces experience will be different for everyone, but you should be prepared to have them on for two years or a little longer in most cases.

2. A Retainer Is Also Required

Another aspect of braces as an adult that you may not know is that you will likely have to continue treatment after removing them. Talk with your dental professional about retainers or other treatments you can expect after the braces are removed.

You will usually have to wear a retainer prosthetic at night after your braces have been removed. Because your teeth could still move back to their old positions over time, the retainer can prevent the reversing of all the straightening your braces provided. A retainer helps your teeth to stay in their new, straightened positions and not shift around in the future.

3. You May Have to Have Teeth Removed

There are many instances as an adult where you may have to have teeth extracted during your braces treatment. This is because you may have crowding that can hinder your braces from working as intended. Removing one or two teeth can provide your teeth with the room they need to move and straighten with the help of your adult braces. 

Conclusion About Adult Braces

If you’ve considered braces to improve your adult smile, keep these three things in mind. It’s a big decision, but knowing what to expect can help you prepare for a more pleasant experience. 

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